C + J

Our Story

Chelsea grew up in California and spent her time running around at the beach, attending her all girls middle and high school, hiding from boys, practicing the flute, reading fantasy and sci-fi trilogies, and playing volleyball. Jake grew up in Wisconsin and occupied himself with screamo music, chasing girls, playing video games, taking apart computers, and volleyball.

Chelsea and Jake found themselves moving to San Francisco for work on the same month of the same year- August 2012. In November of 2012 they both signed up for a co-ed volleyball league and were randomly placed on the same team. For several years they met on a weekly basis to play the sport they loved and gather for dinner and drinks (at the beloved Dear Mom and Kennedy’s in San Francisco!). They ran in the same friend groups for a few years before finally beginning to date in late 2014.

On November 19, 2016 Jake proposed with a beautifully updated version of Chelsea’s grandma Tu Tu’s wedding ring. They were on the roof of Chelsea’s first SF apartment (and the location of their first date), overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Now they’re getting married and are so excited to have all of you to celebrate with!